Spring Road Conditions to Check While Driving

Spring is now in full swing, which means longer days out in the sun to enjoy the cool breeze and make your way through the occasional spring showers. More so on the road, these sudden weather changes and slick driving conditions are apparent, easily impacting visibility. To get the best view from your car’s auto glass while driving, here are some factors and conditions to watch out for:

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Pedestrians and Other Motorists

As the Spring weather reaches a happy medium, more and more people like going out and being on the road. The nice weather brings out motorcyclists, cyclists, skateboarders, and other users of recreational vehicles. This means more drivers on the road, either running errands or making their way to Spring vacations. Watch out for people sharing the road with you this season from clear auto glass optimized with speedy service to ensure your safety.


Much of the wildlife hibernates in the winter, and as Spring begins, they emerge from their deep slumber. Many animals can now be found traveling in the streets as the season peaks. When driving, make sure your car’s auto glass is clean and clear so as to easily spot them, scan the road for warning signs and animal crossings, and stop sufficiently in advance to avoid running them over.

Spring Showers

It rains a lot in Spring, and this causes slick driving conditions. When the pavement is wet, handling a vehicle is much harder, and it requires increased time to slow down and avoid running into other drivers. When it rains, large hard puddles also form, and driving into these can cause your car to hydroplane or the engine to seize as it sucks water into it. As Spring is all about the transition from colder days to warmer ones, it’s also common for some cold days to bring about misty and foggy conditions that hamper your view of the road.

To avoid falling victim to these tricky driving conditions, make sure to drive slowly and be alert. It also helps to clean your car’s auto glass regularly, so it stays clear and allows you to maintain a good view of the road ahead.

Clean and Clear Auto Glass

The winter cold may have been brutal on your car’s auto glass, so as the weather improves, it’s easier to note signs of damage on your windshield, such as scratches or cracks that could have built up over the past season. As Spring brings about a new set of driving challenges, it’s the perfect time to book a quick auto glass repair or replacement to improve your view of the roads and keep you safe while driving. With a same-day auto glass service, you can be back out on the road in no time to enjoy the cool Spring breeze and the days of warm and pleasant sunshine.

See the roads clearly this Spring, and stay safe while driving with clear and well-maintained auto glass. Call us anytime at 905-795-0000 to book a same-day auto glass repair or replacement!