7 Quick Winter Tips for Car Sunroof Maintenance!

You didn’t spend a lot of money on that roadster or convertible cruiser, so it ends up eating dust in your garage in colder months of the year. More and more people in Mississauga are catching up on this and looking for the best ways and quick tips to maintain their vehicle’s sunroof in perfect […]

Sandblasted Windshields

In auto glass repairs, our team has seen various kinds of damage as well as reasons why people need their windshields repaired or replaced. With weather conditions, reckless driving, and external factors, caring for your auto glass is important because when damaged, it puts you and your passengers in danger. Without getting it repaired or […]

Time to Repair your Windshield!

With the summer months in full swing, road trips and cruising around become the norm. Before you leave for a big trip, you are always advised to get your car checked for safety reasons because being safe on the road is critical for you, your passengers, and everyone else. This can include the engine, the […]

Car Driving Hazards: Summer Edition

Summer weather is finally here, and with the sun and heat, driving hazards become more prominent and risky. Especially since the windshield and auto glass of your vehicle is so important, to have any damage to it will increase the danger for you and your passengers. The need for windshield repairs is crucial when even […]

Summer Windshield Care

Windshields are said to be one of the most integral components of a vehicle but are also most neglected. Their purpose serves more than just a looking glass; they provide airbag deployment assistance and act as a safety barrier for passengers and drivers. With that in mind, protecting your windshield against any type of damage […]

Your Car’s Glass is Just as Important as the Rest of Your Vehicle

Properly maintained windows are a crucial aspect of your car’s safety. We often tend to ignore little cracks or chips on our vehicle’s window, but those signifiers are usually signed to take your car into an auto glass shop. Any damage to your windows can be a threat to your overall safety, including any passengers […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

The weather is beginning to transition from the cold, snowy months into a fresh and new spring. Just like you would trade your heavy winter jacket for a light coat, your car needs to go through some transitions before hitting the road. For starters, between cleaning the passenger seat of your car where you spilled […]

Auto Glass Technicians’ Job Description

Although anyone can set up shop and offer auto glass repairs and replacements, certified auto glass technicians like ours at Dixie can definitely do it faster and better. With the proper training, credentials, and certified experience, customers can rest assured that their windshield is in good hands when they work with certified auto glass technicians […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Windshield on A Daily Basis

Automotive glass is designed specifically for vehicles and drivers’ safety. It’s constructed differently so that it protects you in the event of an accident and doesn’t shatter like the glass in your home. Automotive glass is undoubtedly more durable than other kinds. That’s why you can hear the rocks or pebbles striking your window while […]

5 Fall to Winter Transition Tips for Young Drivers

Winter driving can be very tough for many of those who recently got their G licence. Factors such as unpredictable weather and daylight savings time can make it difficult for new drivers to adjust to the changing seasons. When these seasonal conditions are experienced along with a damaged windshield, safety on the road becomes harder […]