Windshield Repair & Replacement

Keeping the reliability of your windshield is our top priority. Designed for safety, your windshield plays a vital role within the makeup of you vehicle. At Auto Glass Dixie, our repair technicians will make every attempt to repair your windshield before replacing it with a new one. It is important to understand that many cracks and chips are in fact fixable.

We want our clients to know that a stone chip, hail damage or a minor crack in the windshield does not imply immediate replacement. These conditions however do require attention and neglecting to fix the damage can worsen at a later stage becoming increasingly expensive. Our staff will examine the damage and properly asses if the damage is considered dangerous or progressive. If the glass needs to be replaced, we will do it at the lowest possible cost.

Our Service Areas: Toronto / North York / Brampton / Mississauga / Cooksville / Milton / Oakville / GTA / Burlington / Hamilton.

As trained professionals, our technicians will examine if the chip is the appropriate size for windshield repair and asses if any distortion will affect the outcome o the procedure. We go one step further and inspect that the inner PVB (polyvinyl butyral) the inner layer of your windshield has not been penetrated or compromised. The PVB is the safety layer that holds together in the event of being shattered.

We guarantee to repair your windshield with superior material, excellent workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction. Your safety is our first priority. We are qualified, trained professionals, providing free mobile service for your auto glass needs. We will get you back on the road within an estimated repair time.