Stone Chip Repair

If your windshield was hit by a rock or small stone causing it to chip, Auto Glass Dixie can quickly repair the stone chip. It is important to fix the problem right away, as any bump or temperature change can turn the chip into a crack, resulting in replacing the entire windshield.

The entire stone chip repair is a 15 to 20 minute procedure is simple and effective. Almost all chips are repairable. Fixing the chip immediately will prevent moisture from getting in the inner layers of the windshield making the repair a success. For the most part a 50% visibility improvement is expected in the damaged area after the completion of repair. To date no technology exists to make the chip completely disappear. The idea of a chip repair is to prevent cracks in the future, saving the cost of replacement. Also if the chip is in the driver view and is distracting, then a replacement is recommended.

Here at Auto Glass Dixie, top quality resin is use to repair your windshield. We always strive to acquire the newest technology available in the market. Due to our advanced equipment, expert technique and high quality material, we are confident to give you a lifetime warranty on all repairs.

Our Service Areas: Toronto / North York / Brampton / Mississauga / Cooksville / Milton / Oakville / GTA / Burlington / Hamilton.

Crack repair is also an option for those vehicles for which the glass is very expensive. Cracks up to 10 inches can be repaired. After the repair, the integrity of the glass does improve, however a thin hair line still remains visible on the windshield after the repair. No technology exists to make the crack totally disappear, therefore if the crack is in the driver’s line of sight, then replacement is recommended.

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