Your Guide to Maintaining the Sunroof’s Auto Glass

Your sunroof gives you fresh air, sunshine, and a beautiful view of the sky, but just like the rest of the auto glass in your car, if your sunroof’s auto glass cracks, you need Dixie Auto Glass to get it fixed. Here are some tips for keeping your sunroof’s auto glass in great condition:

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Sunroof

Make sure to use the right cleaning products on your sunroof’s auto glass and its components. Certain materials in cleaning products can damage the gasket and keeps water out of your car. Ammonia and Vinegar are two common glass cleaning product ingredients that you should make sure to avoid using on your auto glass. They cause streaking on glass, and ammonia is a toxic ingredient, especially in closed, warm environments like your car’s summer heat. If you find that your sunroof isn’t in good condition, call Dixie Auto Glass for professional repair or replacement.

Choosing the right auto glass cleaning product is very important, but cleaning the sunroof’s auto glass is a very simple process. Simply use your ammonia-free auto glass cleaner and wipe it off. Clean the rubber gasket using water or a very mild detergent and wipe it off. If you see any oil or grease when you’re cleaning the gasket, leave it, as it’s been added to help lubricate the sunroof mechanism and keep the gasket from drying out.

If you notice that your sunroof isn’t sliding back and forth as smoothly as it used to, or if your gasket feels slightly dry, you can actually buy and apply more lubricant to the sunroof. If you notice a chip or a crack in your sunroof while you’re cleaning it, don’t wait for it to spread; call Dixie Auto Glass for a replacement right away.

About Your Sunroof

Sunroof auto glass is often made of tempered glass, unlike windshield auto glass which is made of laminated glass. Tempered glass usually requires replacement when it breaks, as it generally can’t be repaired. So it’s especially important to get any chips or cracks to a local auto glass repair shop to see if they can be repaired. Cracks grow, so it’s better to restore your sunroof to top condition sooner than later. Dixie Auto Glass can order the exact same high-quality glass used in the original sunroof to give you the best replacement possible.

If you notice any chips or cracks, call Dixie Auto Glass at 905-795-0000 right away to have your sunroof repaired or replaced before it spreads or breaks.