Time to Repair your Windshield!

With the summer months in full swing, road trips and cruising around become the norm. Before you leave for a big trip, you are always advised to get your car checked for safety reasons because being safe on the road is critical for you, your passengers, and everyone else. This can include the engine, the internal makeup of your car, the external framework, or even protection from car crash components, such as your airbags.

When you bring your vehicle in for checkups and repairs, your repair technician will take a look at each of these components for assessment. They will notice areas that you may not have realized were damaged. One of the most common areas that noticeably get damaged is the auto glass of the car. The windshield and surrounding glass can sometimes develop small cracks that, unnoticed, will expand, thus requiring a windshield replacement.

Keep reading to learn about these damages and why you have to repair them when you notice them right away:

Timeline of Windshield Damages

Depending on the time of the year that you are on the road, the caliber and chances that your windshield will experience damage will vary. For example, the spring months may bring a lot of showers and clean your car, but the icy conditions in the winter months may bring havoc to your vehicle as chunky pieces of ice shards surround your auto glass.

Besides the weather, external environmental factors such as construction can play a role in windshield damages. Whether it be heavy chunks of debris flying around everywhere or potholes in the road, driving safely around those areas is key to taking minimal potential damage impact.

Sometimes small chips will appear from contact with debris instead of cracks, making them invisible to the eye. Over time, they develop into patterns of chips which expands the issue, causing cracks to appear. When addressed before becoming cracks, minor costs are associated with fixing them, but when they become more evident, replacements and repairs may be required.

How do Chips turn into Cracks?

Many people avoid having to get their windshield and auto glass fixed even when they notice chips because they do not realize the importance of it. Sure, you can say that it can become a bigger issue, but the reasoning behind it is unclear — at least until now.

With external factors and general deterioration of something broken, chips can easily turn into cracks. For example, just like how environmental factors (weather and construction) can form these chips, they can make them expand. The temperature of the weather, which can expand and contract the glass, has an even bigger impact on the glass.

Do I Repair it Now?

Yes — the ideal time to repair or replace your windshield is immediately after noticing a chip or crack, as you can avoid any drastic issues arising if you do this. Be proactive and check your vehicle before heading out on your road trip and fix any issues you find.

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