Summer Windshield Care

The summer means a lot of trips and time on the road, so make sure the view from your windshield is clear. Learn how to take care of your car’s auto glass this season, and book a speedy mobile auto glass repair with Dixie Auto Glass for the best results and maximum convenience. Call us at (905) 795-0000 today!

The summer heat presents quite a few dangers to your windshield, making it susceptible to cracks and breaking, especially if it’s already chipped. Here are some tips for protecting your car’s auto glass this summer, starting with speedy mobile auto glass repair to safely send you on your way.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Windshield this Summer

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Get chips repaired right away! The smallest rock chip can spread quickly through your auto glass as a result of heat, rapid temperature changes, or another impact. Don’t wait for the chip to spread. If you can’t come to our repair shop due to your busy schedule, or worse, you’re stuck in an emergency that makes it impossible to drive your car to us because of large cracks that hamper your view of the road, don’t risk your safety! Instead, our speedy mobile auto glass repair team can respond to your emergency needs.

With mobile auto glass repair, our team of windshield technicians will perform the necessary auto glass repair at your location, provide you with speedy care, give you handling tips following the work done, and safely send you on your way.

Park in the Shade

Make sure to park your car in the shade when you can. The sun is the biggest cause of broken windshields in the summer, so try to keep your car parked in the shade, especially if your auto glass is already chipped. Remember to leave some windows open an inch or so to keep the temperature inside your car down and avoid fluctuations that cause stress breaks or cracks on your car’s auto glass.

If you forgot to crack a window open without parking your car in the shade and came back to it with visible cracks, you can book a speedy mobile auto glass repair or replacement to fix the damage immediately and get back on the roads.

Take it Easy on the Temperature

Avoid rapidly changing your auto glass’s temperature, especially when driving in this increasingly hot summer. Blasting your hot windshield with air conditioning as soon as you get in the car or washing the windshield with cold water after it’s been sitting in the sun can cause small chips and microscopic cracks or flaws to start showing. In a rush or can’t see clearly from your windshield anymore? Our mobile auto glass repair service can handle the repair right at home or wherever your car is parked at.

Handle Doors with Care

Take it easy on the door! Slamming the car door can cause a sudden pressure change that might cause the rock chip to spread. Our mobile auto glass repair technicians in Mississauga are also trained to respond to other auto glass emergencies, so if the problem is your car door, we’ll be sure to get it fixed right away.

Following these tips should keep your windshield safe this summer. If you do get a chip or a crack, or have any concerns regarding your windshield, visit, or call us for a mobile auto glass repair service at (905) 795-0000