Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

The weather is beginning to transition from the cold, snowy months into a fresh and new spring. Just like you would trade your heavy winter jacket for a light coat, your car needs to go through some transitions before hitting the road.

For starters, between cleaning the passenger seat of your car where you spilled your coffee last month and changing tires, you also need to bring your car in for a checkup. This includes ensuring that there are no windshield cracks or auto glass damages as those can become dangerous. With Dixie Auto Glass services, you can get those fixed immediately.

During the winter months in Canada, the road takes a toll on your car. From salt on the roads to snow and ice buildup, your car has probably seen better days. Before you take your car on a road trip, ensure that you have completed the checklist below.

Interior of your Car

To clean the interior of your car correctly, ensure that you’re not only tidying up garbage you have left behind but that you are taking the time to clean the car mats and carpet. During snowy days, you and your passengers have been dragging snow and debris into your vehicle. Make sure to wash that out of your car, or it will build up dirt.

The exterior of your Car

The exterior of your vehicle most likely got hit with road salt and debris a lot over the winter months. The amount of grime on your vehicle can hurt the condition of your car if not washed off. Regular car washes may be hard to do, but as spring approaches, the icy weather will go away, allowing your car to stay clean for a longer time.

Annual Car Service

As the season transitions, you should book your annual Car check. There might be damages in areas you cannot see, and such a general inspection could help clear that up. Beyond an oil change and checking brake pressure done by a car service, you should look at the physical aspects of your Car for small damages.

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Ensure that your car’s wiper blades and the windshield are not damaged because, during the winter months, the bumpy roads and potholes created can result in debris accidentally damaging your vehicle. With a quick look, you can determine if any cracks would need immediate repair or replacement for safety purposes. You do not want them to get bigger or result in more costly and dangerous damages later on.

Car Tires

The last thing on the list is to change your car tires! Your car tires are effective in the winter months for preventing slides on the road, but in the warmer months, they can get damaged easily. The warmer temperature will heat up the unique rubber compound in your winter tires, resulting in less grip on the roads — which is a hazardous situation for you as a driver.

If you do not want to change from spring to winter tires constantly, look into all-season tires which can adjust to the weather change without being damaged in the heat.

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