Should You Do Sunroof Repair Yourself?

Sunroof in the cars is designed to let in the fresh air and sunlight, making it more roomy space. Today, the majority of the cars are equipped with sunroof. Sunroof can be either automatic or manual depending on the car designer. If your car doesn’t have one, it can be also installed it later.

Usually, a crack or a leakage in the sunroof calls for the repair work. In the case of cracks found in sunroof it is recommendable to replace the entire accessory. Repairing it will not make it look like before, on the other hand the leakages caused due water clogging in the drain pipe or, accumulation of debris and dirt around the seal.

For The Sunroof Repair

Majorly there are 2 commonly faced problems that people found in their sunroof – either it is a leakage or a crack in the sunroof. For the cracks, it is suggested to replace the entire accessory, however, if you wish to carry the task yourself you will require below mentioned tools:

  • Hand gloves
  • Cordless frill machine
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrench
  • Sunroof installation kit

There are wide ranges of sunroof models available to choose from. Once you have bought the accessory of your choice, check that you have the entire kit ready to carry on the repair work.

Your DIY kit has a step by step instruction manual provided inside which is the most important thing that you will require for sunroof repair. Follow those guidelines exactly the way they are mentioned and you are certain to get the sunroof replaced in no time.

To mend the leakage problem you will require below mentioned equipments such as:

Thin wire cable


Coat hanger


Piece of wet cloth

Thin tube

Thorough clean the glass on the sunroof, if you still notice some dirt that doesn’t allow the sunroof the close the seal than clean that particular region with wet cloth. Observe the seal properly; examine the drainage tubes and clogging of water before starting the leakage repairing work. Follow the guidelines mentioned for the sunroof leakages in your DIY kit; you will be able to repair the leakage problem without your expense going overboard.

Undertaking the sunroof repair work yourself is good; it lets you save a good amount of money. However it is recommended to go for a professional help. They are expertise in their work and can do the repairing job flawlessly. The budget is always a concern, but you can always find the one suiting your repairing requirements and budget.