Sandblasted Windshields

In auto glass repairs, our team has seen various kinds of damage as well as reasons why people need their windshields repaired or replaced. With weather conditions, reckless driving, and external factors, caring for your auto glass is important because when damaged, it puts you and your passengers in danger.

Without getting it repaired or replaced, auto glass cracks can expand and become more dangerous, which is why it is crucial to get it looked at and fixed as soon as it is noticed. However, a better precaution is to take note of the reasons that windshields and auto glass gets damaged. One of the major causes results in sandblasted windshields.

To learn more about what sandblasted windshields are and how to fix them, keep reading:

What is a Sandblasted Windshield?

A sandblasted windshield is a windshield that is damaged due to tiny sand particles continuously hitting your windshield. They are not enough to cause cracks or dents in your auto glass, but over a long period of time, you will notice that these participles will make tiny holes in the glass.

This is hard to mitigate as these particles will inevitably hit your glass, but once you notice that there are holes or dents in the glass, you should bring your car in for a repair or check-up so that the condition does not worsen.

What is the Leading Cause of Sandblasted Windshields?

When it comes to how the tiny sand particles actually hit your windshield, it is due to a concept called tailgating. If you’re following too closely behind other vehicles, the sand, rocks, and dirt that come in contact with their tires will be projected to your windshield. The closer you are, the more damage your vehicle is susceptible to, which is why it is recommended to keep meters of distance when driving behind another car.

Other Causes of Sandblasted Windshields

Besides tailgating, there are a couple of common occurrences that also contribute to sandblasted windshields. General debris from weather and everyday use as well as construction in nearby areas are common causes.

When the weather is extreme, it can carry debris off the ground and onto your vehicle. Depending on the severity of a storm or wind, it can contribute to major damage. To avoid this type of issue, ensure that you park indoors or cover your vehicle so that sandblasting does not happen.

With construction happening all over the city, it is common to see roads being fixed and buildings being made, which can have an ample amount of debris and dirt. When driving past these zones, ensure that you are driving safely and avoiding it in the best way that you can. This will ensure that you are not in direct contact with construction debris.

Why is it Important to Fix

As mentioned before, the windshield and auto glass is a protective layer for your vehicle’s passenger and driver. With it being damaged, you are susceptible to danger. Once these holes or cracks are found, it is imperative to send them to a repair or replacement location.

Have you noticed dents or cracks in your windshield or auto glass? Come to our shop for a quick and effective Windshield auto glass repair!