How to replace the car windshield in Brampton, Mississauga and Etobicoke for less

Your car windshield is cracked, broken, damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced and you are obviously concerned with the cost of the service.

Replacing a windshield is expensive, and many people try and avoid it in any cost, but sometimes repairing a damaged windshield or any other car glass can be dangerous to the people in the car and come with a risk.

Traditionally when your car glass is damaged you are thinking of going to one of the franchised auto glass companies, but are you really paying for the glass and service or are you paying for more? well the answer is simple, when you compare the cost of replacing the car windshield at one of the franchised auto glass to the cost of the independent auto glass shops like Auto Glass Dixie in Mississauga, Etobicoke and Brampton you will find out that in many cases we are able to save you up to 40% and provide the same glass, same work and many times even faster.

Did you check your car insurance for auto glass coverage? if you found out that you have the car glass insurance in your policy, and there are likely deductibles that you need to pay, no problem, just let us know that you have auto glass insurance and we can pay your deductibles and even deal with your insurance directly.

Although we are in easy access in Mississauga to people from Brampton and Etobicoke and even Oakville, we also offer a mobile service to your home or work or even in cases of emergency and car break in damages, we can come to anywhere you need within reasonable distance from Mississauga and repair or replace your windshield.

Call us or fill out our quote form, providing us with information about your car and the damage to your auto glass and we will reply promptly with the quote to repair or replace your damaged car glass. Give us a try, after all many happy customers like you have used our services and paid less!