Car Driving Hazards: Summer Edition

Summer weather is finally here, and with the sun and heat, driving hazards become more prominent and risky. Especially since the windshield and auto glass of your vehicle is so important, to have any damage to it will increase the danger for you and your passengers.

The need for windshield repairs is crucial when even a minor incident happens ,as a ripple effect will occur, causing further damages to the rest of the auto glass and your car. As the auto glass in your car assists with safety factors such as airbags and preventive measures for shattered glasses, it needs to be protected when you are on the road.

Keep reading to learn about the type of driving hazards that happen, specifically for the summer, and how you can avoid them:


Since the summer is the best time for construction, new buildings and roads are being built all around the city. This implies that there will be more traffic throughout your regular areas, and there may be leftover debris from that construction. Debris is dangerous as it can cause damage to both your windshield and your car. Depending on the type of construction site, they may indicate that to the drivers but ensure that you are driving slower in those areas to avoid any extreme pieces of debris hitting your vehicle.

Tire Problems

In the summer, tires are more torn up as they cause friction which often results in the tire overheating. Since this is the case, in addition to construction sites having debris, tire issues will add to that, which can damage your vehicle further.

Safety on the Roads

With the warmer months come the road trips and travels which indicate an influx of drivers on the road! Long drives can lead to distracted and distraught drivers, which can pose dangers on the road. When it comes to going on road trips of your own, make sure that you are taking note of your surroundings. In addition to long trips, many high school and university students are on the road either learning or driving for the first time, so be aware of inexperienced drivers as well. Accident happens on the road trip with your auto glass – call mobile auto glass service so they can come for you.

Deer Crossing

Since the weather is getting warmer, more wildlife will be present on the roads and surrounding areas. With this in mind, it is safe to take note of the area that you are in to avoid harming any animals. In addition to this, some animals, such as deer, are big enough to damage your car and windshield, which would result in additional costs on your end. Ensure this does not happen by obeying signs that indicate animal crossings or populations nearby.


The weather conditions in the summer are unpredictable. It can be incredibly hot one day and raining heavily the next. In rising temperatures, the auto glass in your car is affected, and if there are minor issues or cracks in it, they will expand. In heavy rain, there is a similar effect as the rain can cause cracks to expand. Thus, if you have any minor cracks in your windshield or auto glass, it would be wise to get it fixed as soon as possible.

As the summer months approach, you should get your car checked for any windshield cracks. Even the most minor incidents can lead to dangerous repercussions. Contact our team today to book an appointment.