Basic Steps to a Successful Windshield Repair

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Prevent The Crack From Spreading

t’s always important to properly handle a windshield crack, as it can quickly spread if ignored. First, you should clean it lightly by brushing out any dirt or debris. Next, you should completely cover the crack with something transparent to prevent further contamination. This can be done with transparent scotch tape; avoid using adhesives that are not temporary, such as glue or nail polish, as it may make the windshield unrepairable.

Contact an Auto Glass Repair Company

Call a local auto glass repair shop and book a windshield repair/replacement. This should be done as soon as possible, as many environmental factors will make the crack spread. If the crack is in your direct line of sight, consider asking them to pick up your car and take it to the shop, or ask for Dixie Auto Glass Mobile Service, as driving with something blocking your line of sight is dangerous.

Evaluate the Damage

Customers often have to decide whether they want a windshield replacement or repair. The decision is not always black and white, as many factors will affect the decision, such as the size of the crack, its type, the location, and whether the integrity of the windshield was maintained. Our auto glass technician can explain to you whether they can fill in the crack with resin or not, as small cracks in unimportant areas can be repaired, but large cracks or cracks that are in your line of sight will require a windshield replacement.

The Fundamentals in a Proper Repair/Replacement Procedure


  • A suitable resin is used
  • The resin is cured for an ample amount of time
  • The end product is clean and hard to spot


  • The new seal fit matches the original
  • The old windshield is removed in a way that doesn’t damage the pinch weld panel
  • The adhesive was applied correctly
  • The windshield was installed with the proper amount of pressure

At either procedure’s end, ensure all the glass fragments from the broken windshield were removed.

Post Repair Tips

Follow these tips for 24 hours following your windshield repair to let the resin fully set in and get the best results.

Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

Rapid temperature changes can cause a lot of stress on the newly repaired crack. Try to avoid things like parking in direct sunlight, blasting the AC on hot days (and the heater on cold days), and washing your car. Also, try to avoid excessive amounts of moisture; this is another reason to avoid washing your car. Don’t worry if it experiences soft rain or it’s a humid day. The newly sealed crack will be okay.

Let it Sit

Try to stay off the roads and let your car sit indoors for 24 hours. This is because the resin used to fill in your windshield crack needs time to cure and become stronger. After 24, the resin should be at its full strength, and you will be free to drive wherever you want.

Give it a Little Air

After you’ve parked your car indoors, make sure to crack a window open for 24 hours or make sure there is airflow. This is because air pressure will build up in your car and can possibly cause the resin to leak if there is no airflow.

Driving with broken auto glass is risky; let Dixie Auto Glass fix your issue and assure your safety. Call us at 1-(877)-564-5331 or get a free online quote.