7 Quick Winter Tips for Car Sunroof Maintenance!

You didn’t spend a lot of money on that roadster or convertible cruiser, so it ends up eating dust in your garage in colder months of the year. More and more people in Mississauga are catching up on this and looking for the best ways and quick tips to maintain their vehicle’s sunroof in perfect functioning order. For this reason, it has almost become a norm among motorists to inspect their vehicles thoroughly inspected and evaluated by professional technicians even before the winter begins to show its buds.

Just like any other system in your vehicle, a sunroof (or moonroof) requires extra attention to preserve its functionality and appearance in the long run, mainly when the car is to be driven in winter. So, here are the top 7 quick tips if you want to ensure your sunroof continues to look and operate at its best for the years to come:

  1. Regular wash/rinse at a professional car wash is a good idea to get started. It will add more shine and luster to the roof while doing away with the abrasive sand or salt that may diminish the roof’s finishing over time. Go for hand wash, though you can use a soft cloth too for the purpose. There are special water repellency and cloth-top protection treatments available that can be applied before the winter kicks in to ensure an added layer of defense. This kind of treatment several times per year will certainly earn its keep by keeping your sunroof looking the best.
  2. After your car sunroof has had its rendezvous with winter snow showers, be extra careful when removing snow and ice from the surface. Do not just go hacking and chipping away at heavy snow; instead, utilize a soft brush, or your hands wrapped properly in a mitt. Don’t use an ice scraper or hard-bristled brush, either. Please wait for a couple of minutes until your car gets warm up or park it in a warm garage. The idea is to use the temperature (not force) to loosen the ice and snow. Scraping can possibly damage your car’s roof fabric.
  3. In case the sunroof is already damaged and leaking, do not put it down as it can lead to premature wear of your vehicle’s interior, not to mention an invitation for mould and mildew growth.
  4. Make it a point to regularly clear inbuilt sunroof drains which are placed there to ensure the rainwater goes out smoothly. These drains become clogged with time due to debris that can easily get stuck inside. Clearing these drains is as easy as sticking a wire inside or, better, applying compressed air to expel the gunk, which may have accumulated over time.
  5. When inspecting the drain tubes, make sure to clean the sunroof trough (situated inside the rubber seal) that is designed to hold off the water that escapes the sunroof. Use a cloth to wipe the visible debris on the edges and seals.
  6. Look for jagged edges or cracks along the seal and assess the area for any accumulated water or mould. Cover the seal with a black liquid electrical tape, ensuring it covers up any visible wear. This tape will form a waterproof, protective barrier.
  7. Your sunroof consists of a variety of gears, rails, moving parts, and motors that can wear out in the sun and put additional stress on the underlying working mechanism. In most cases, they can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and lubricated with a grease spray. When all parts are well oiled, the sunroof will work way better than the non-oiled ones. It won’t take long, and it certainly doesn’t hurt your bank balance, but a little amount of regular oiling will definitely contribute more years to the health of your sunroof.

Although the preventive maintenance tips are easy and simple, we often neglect to give our sunroof the attention it deserves and end up paying a good deal of money for sunroof repair. So even if you can’t afford the time to do the maintenance work, get an auto glass specialist to do that for you.

Make your car sunroof ready for winter!

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